The Fall

My hella talented best friend y’all.

Confines of The Mind


Revelries abound in the city streets

Chaos trumps order and this you adore

Benedictions fall from your lips

And you preach spirit and truth

Even as your hands drip red and

Stain irrevocably all that you touch

The smell of smoke in the air thickens

But you do not cease. Never do you cease

Even as the earth shakes beneath

your mortal bodies, you feel not regret

There are cracks in the horizon and

As time lapses, cracks you cannot balm

Become fractures.

Become fissures

Your people are blinded by the haze of their vices

Intoxicated by the wrongs they deem right

Pitiful facades are your flimsy defenses

Your people tin soldiers that you let fall

Once fruitful gardens now barren, neglected

And flowers massacred on madmen’s whims

Heresy abounds in your false haven

And borne are sins that stain the dawn dark

A specter lurks in the shadows still

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The Time Pizza Hut Sent Me Really Great Food to Review

I’ve been meaning to review food for a while, because I love food and I love writing, and I really don’t know why I’d been putting off writing about food. However, with Pizza Hut sending me their Triple Treat Box to review, I guess I’ll start here. Now, I’m living in my university’s hostel these days, and Pizza Hut didn’t deliver here, so I had to have it delivered to a friend’s house at night and they brought it to university in the morning. And even though it wasn’t fresh from the oven, it was still pretty darn awesome. I think that Pizza Hut sending bloggers free food to review, just shows that they’re confident in the quality of their product, and actually care about customer feedback.

First of all, let’s talk about the boxing. It was efficient and adorable. I loved the cute graphics on top, and also how everything came to me in perfect condition, despite the commute. Oh, and of course, I loved the little drawers.

So the box holds two medium pizzas (one is a classic hand-tossed, and the other a medium pan pizza), one of their super duper large Hershey’s double chocolate chip cookie (which one could call a pizookie), and a side of potato wedges and chicken wings with two dips.

When it came to choosing the pizza flavours, I picked Fajita Sicilian, and Hot Stuff pizza, both flavours I hadn’t had at Pizza hut before, so I would not only be reviewing the deal, but the flavours as well. Needless to say, I loved them both. Hot stuff came with this really nice dipping sauce that just added to the flavour.

The chicken wings and potato wedges were good, but everything else in the box was so great, that they were comparitively average. The two dips that came with them were Garlic-mint, and Ranch.

I’ve always loved their pizza, so it was the cookie that totally blew my mind. I shared the box with my friends, and when we heated up the cookie and had a slice each at the end of a long, tiring day, my friend summed it up perfectly; “This made my whole day better.”

I loved the food, despite the fact that the only re-heating method available to me was a microwave. For people who have actual ovens available, they have very cute instructions about how to make the experience even more amazing.


The Triple Treat Box was great, and it can easily feed 5-6 people. The box costs Rs.2500, but since it includes 2 pizzas, dips, sides, as well a cookie that is individually around Rs.800, I think that isn’t as overpriced as it first sounds when you hear it.


I personally really enjoyed the box. You guys should try it out. Go to your nearest Pizzahut, or order now:

Ink and tears

Putting a pen tip to paper as tears fall, smudging the ink, spreading the pain. That’s what I want to see as I pour out my feelings. That is what I realised as I clicked the little pencil icon to start a new post. So here, I go. I’ll put away the laptop and pull out the notebook I barely ever write in, that I almost never remember exists in moments like these, even though moments like these are what that mostly blank notebook is reserved for. Ofcourse, I only have a ball point or so nearby, so I doubt the ink will spread from my tears. Maybe writing will stem my tears anyway, give my pain a different outlet. Off to get that notebook now.

On Awareness and Udaari


WARNING: SPOILER ALERT, but important highlights of what the show brings up, if you want to know what it’s about…

In only 5 episodes so far, the drama serial Udaari  (on Hum TV) has very tastefully highlighted major issues plaguing our society:

  • Started off by showing that men shouldn’t care what people think, that there shouldn’t be stigma attached to marrying a widowed woman with children, and that it’s okay for a widow to remarry.  (Though that didn’t exactly turn out well, because the guy was worse than a major creep.)
  • Showed that just because a women uses singing/dancing as a source of income, doesn’t automatically mean she’s welcoming your indecent advances, or that it is okay to disrespect her, or to force yourself on her.
  • It showed a mother believing her daughter, when she rightfully accused a ‘trusted’ neighbor of attempted rape. There was no victim blaming.When it came to this, the girl was not judged and blamed based on her past record of being in a relationship (despite society often doing such unfair things). Her family didn’t tell her she was ‘Asking for it.’ Which is how it should be. Victims are never asking for it.
  • It shows that a predator can be anyone. Even someone who pretends to be kind and loving, someone who has gained your trust. Just because they’re monsters, doesn’t mean they have to look the part. You need to watch out for those sick people.

And one of the most important things: 

  • It highlights and creates awareness about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse. This is super important, because this crime is facilitated by lack of awareness, or ‘innocence’. Kids don’t understand what is happening to them, they often don’t realize it’s bad, they don’t know they’re supposed to report it. And that’s why the predators mostly get away with it. Parents need to take this show as a reminder to educate their children, and I assure you, that can be done without ruining their innocence. They don’t need to know the details. They need to know what kind of touching is inappropriate. Tell them to let you know if anyone ever makes you uncomfortable. Kids have intuition too. (Baat Karo is another project creating awareness, and the stories there show how important it is for kids to be protected and how important awareness is and how victim blaming needs to stop.)


Why would people report it? Why would PEMRA send a notice? There has been stuff on television that has been much more inappropriate and graphic. If these issues; especially the child abuse, makes you uncomfortable, it’s because it’s a bitter truth, and something rampant in our society. It needs to be stopped. Not ignored. Quit being in denial. Remember Kasur. Watch Udaari. Baat Karo.